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Wowstick Magnetizer / Demagnetizer

Features: Magnetizes and Demagnetizes Screwdriver Tips & Bits

Application of scope:
From magnetizing screwdriver tips or just about anything else
It can also be used to demagnetize tools or parts you don't want magnetized
No batteries or electrical required, easy to use
Just insert the screwdriver the " + " marked end to magnetize the tip si that the screws can be easy to pick up.
While repairing the electric appliances and electronic component put the screwdriver tip into the " - " marked end to give a demagnetized instantly

Bits For Any Device

It comes with a wide range of mini screwdriver bit types and sizes, which they say can fit all kinds of devices, including corrective glasses, cutlery, shavers, drones, engines, guns, phones, gamepads, among others.

Multi-Device Compatibilty

Build, Fix, Upgrade Any Device Safely, Fast, & Efficiently

Practical & Useful

At only about 6 inches in length the Wowstick is a tool you can take with you wherever you go. Convenient and ready to go to work within seconds, now that your partnered up with the Wowstick you'll always be up for the task.